Beaulieu 26 July 2008

Report by Jonathan Houston, pictures by Malcolm Bainbridge and Geoff Turner.

Once again Parker and Seal owners headed up to the top of the Beaulieu River on Saturday 26 July to enjoy a convivial get together over drinks and a barbeque.

The top of the river dries for some while either side of low water so it is ideal lifting keel territory and the view across the pool towards Beaulieu Palace House with the New Forest ponies grazing on the grass is one of the best in the Solent area.

Amazingly given current weather patterns we were yet again blessed for this event with a fine warm still evening which was ideal for barbequing and catching up with old friends.

This event is deservedly popular as there are not many places in the Solent where one can be without any other boats on a July Saturday evening and this year we had Tilikum, Sunflower, Shiraz, Cleo, Elsa, Juliska, Rascal, Dawn, Vienna, Macoma, Kerenza, Harlequin, Sea Ell, Blackjack, and Foca. (apologies If I have omitted anyone)

A cluster of Parkers and Seals.. the top of the Beaulieu river... Timbrell's Quay
in the heart of Beaulieu 
The Barbeque
Leaving next morning