Pre launch dinner

Royal Norfolk And Suffolk YC, Lowestoft, 15 March 2008

Report and photos by John Dinwiddy

The Lowestoft road system was back to normal, and so was the weather. Thick fog shrouded the town, in a cold clammy quilt.

I thought we were running out of ideas, but our visit to the Lifeboat Station at the end of the harbour entrance turned out to be just as good as any. All thanks to Ian Firmin who was the relief coxswain - he managed a dozen yachtsmen whilst squashed in the corner of the lifeboat cabin very well, although we felt sure he had been in much tighter spots before.

Not only did he travel the length and breadth of the British Isles helping out short handed stations, he also had a hand in testing new vessels, and working new procedures out.

We felt quite sorry for his wife being left so much, but as she is on the staff of the Yarmouth Coastguard we decided she knew what it was going to be like! She also decided next year’s visit for us, by telling us all about all their new kit, including AIS systems – now we all want to see how it works from their end.

The evening dinner ran true to form, with excellent food and wine. Bill and Janet Parker must appreciate a good thing, as they joined us for the second year running, along with Clifford Miller; I must say a word of gratitude to these long distance travellers – their loyalty to the association’s far flung reaches is much appreciated.

Pam and Pat Morgan received their Eastern Area Award from our Commodore for their tenacity in joining the 2007 Rally and meeting up at Fecamp in ‘Phun’; you cannot have forgotten last season’s weather…

A call to vote for next year’s venue brought a resounding “come back here again”, which leaves me with little to worry about.

So, Coastguards in Great Yarmouth followed by dinner at the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Y C on 28 March? How does that suit you? Plenty of time to change the date!

John Dinwiddy

Eastern Area Officer


Eastern area award 2007 to  Pat & Pam Morgan, who sail Phun
Eastern area award 2007 to
Pat & Pam Morgan, who sail Phun
The morning after
The morning after