Annual General Meeting 2009

The Thirty Fifth Annual General Meeting of the Parker & Seal Sailing Association was held at 1100 am on Sunday 8th February, 2009 at Fydell House, Boston.

This report is by the newly-elected Commodore, Ken Surplice. Photos are at the bottom of the page.

Hello Folks

After a super AGM weekend, I am back home to thank you all for your support with the AGM and award nominations. For those of you who missed the AGM, either living far far away, or through illness or being indisposed, allow me to update you on what went on.

Who's Who (or whom as my English teacher would say)

The first thing to say is that all nominations for posts were accepted in the meeting and by proxy. Here’s how the line-up changes from 2008 to 2009:

National Committee and Area Officers Committee end of 2008 Committee standing for 2009
Commodore Clifford Miller 1 Ken Surplice 1
Hon Secretary Tim Reeder 2 Tim Reeder 2
Hon Treasurer Stephen Drew 3 Stephen Drew 3
Vice Commodore Ken Surplice  4 Peter Lowry 4
Rear Commodore Peter Lowry 5 -
Sailing Secretary Jonathan Houston 6 Jonathan Houston 5
Librarian & membership Geoff Harwood 7 Geoff Harwood 6
Newsletter Editor Cathie Cunnison 8 Barbara Forster 7
Press & Publicity Phil Walden 9 Phil Walden 8
Eastern area John Dinwiddy John Dinwiddy
Poole Keith McCarthy Keith McCarthy
South West Kate Hattersley Kate Hattersley
Scotland Christina Brown Christina Brown
Ireland Stephen Lowry Stephen Lowry
Solent Peter Lowry Peter Lowry
Trailer sailer Graham Ebb Graham Ebb
Archivist Lindsey Moscrop
Regalia Officer Di Drew Di Drew
Webmaster Geoff Turner 9

Those with a number next to their name have been elected as an officer of the association and being a committee member. I’d like to make a special welcome to Lindsey Moscrop who is our new Archivist.

What went on in Boston

On Saturday morning, a very happy and welcoming Bill Parker entertained 35-40 people in his new factory premises where all production, fibreglass and wood, is under one roof. There was a great buzz amongst we visitors, possibly induced by the aroma of fibreglass. We had a great tour, including a preview of the new P29 hull. Apart from one, who was ill, all Bill’s entire staff (of eight) turned out on their weekend to entertain us and give us a demonstration. I’ll write a complete report for the next newsletter, but must mention now that the visit ended with a great spread of food which had clearly all been homemade by Bill’s team.

On Saturday afternoon, Barbara led a stuffing party. Before you ask, it was about newsletters and envelopes, but still very social. In the evening, Bill and his wife Janet joined our party for dinner in the Boston hotel. This also went well, and John, our Eastern Area man, made a welcoming speech.

On Sunday morning, Bill made another special early morning tour of the factory for the Drews as they had missed the Saturday tour. They finished in time to join the AGM in a 300 year old hall proposed by the Roy family, our local hosts. Apart from the AGM formalities, Clifford made a short farewell speech, Bill gave another talk and Geoff our webmaster launched the exciting, which it is, new web site. Awards were duly presented. I’ll write it all up later. With many helping hands from the ‘officers’ and WAGs, the AGM went smoothly and everybody mucked in. John kindly ran the election section. Following the AGM, there was more eating in the final lunch back at the hotel.

In Closing

Thanks again to you all. I’m looking forward to a year where the sun shines, both at sea and within the association.

Ken Surplice

Note: Ken's presentation slides are here (PDF format).


Silver Jubilee For outstanding service in promoting the success and objects of the association 2007 not awarded 2008 Cathie Cunnison for her contribution as newsletter editor and committee guidance
Angus Primrose For meritorious achievements in an Angus Primrose designed boat (22, 28, 850, Sinbad) 2007 Keith and Tina McCarthy 2008 Stephen Lowry for representing Seals in Ireland, restoration work and keeping Seals commercially active
Newsletter award For outstanding contribution to newsletter 2007 Richard Tanner 2008 Graham Ebb "Round the island race 2008"
Parker 21/235 For meritorious achievement in a Parker 21 or 235 2007 David Pocock 2008 David Ayre "Cool Breeze" ISC round island race 2008
Photo competition For best photo, as voted by members 2007 Martin Hopton and Mike Edwards 2008 Brenda Harvey PSSA Fleet at Bosham
Devonshire Boule Winner of annual boules competition 2007 not played 2008 Tim and Margaret Reeder Boulewell Speedwell
Solent area award Most valuable contribution in supporting the activities in the area 2007 Carol Walden 2008 Peter Forster logging 1,200 miles this season and running Emsworth rally
South West Area award Most valuable contribution in supporting the activities in the area 2007 not awarded 2008 Chris Scanes Sails and Canvas
Super Seal trophy First Seal 26 or Parker 27/275 to finish in RIOW 2007 Not awarded 2008 Chris & Ros Cooper Jan’s Express
Annual racing trophy First boat overall in RIOW 2007 race cancelled 2008 Nigel Wallbank Breeze Parker 21
2008 Retiring Commodore Award For any Commodore that retires in 2008 2007 not awarded 2008 Clifford Miller Abacus, Parker 275

Photos from the visit to Parker's

Photos taken by Peter Forster

Photos from the AGM

The new model
The new model
Newsletter Award
Newsletter Award
Devonshire Boule
Devonshire Boule
Peter Forster Solent Area Award
Peter Forster
Solent Area Award
Racing Trophy Liz & Nigel Wallbank
Racing Trophy
Liz & Nigel Wallbank
Clifford Miller Retiring Commodore
Clifford Miller
Retiring Commodore