Eastern Rally at Royal Harwich Y C
Sat 5 & Sun 6 September 2009

Courtesy of the Royal Harwich Yacht Club

Eastern Region Seals fetched up together on Saturday at the Royal Harwich Y.C. for conversation, food and drink, not necessarily in that order, and the sun shone.

Unfortunately the wind also blew, somewhat harder than was necessary, and of the yachts expected only six made it, namely: P335/48 Hanser III, P31/21 Phun, P285/67 Two Hoots of Walton, P285/64 Dawn Child, P275/19 Bee Gee Aitch and P235/tbn, the latter braving the Wallet in unfavourable conditions, but all berthing comfortably in the Club’s marina.

However all those expected managed to arrive, even if in their motorized tin tenders. The evening passed quickly, an excellent meal with much talk of sailing to the Isles of Scilly, Brittany and Walton Backwaters, where it is anticipated we will gather next season, with a brief visit afterwards to view some 19th century photographs in the library.

On Sunday the sun still shone and those sailing were well away on the tide by lunchtime.

Our thanks to John Dinwiddy for organizing the meet.

Bob Bartlett, Sand Hopper 27/137