Newtown River midweek rally
July 2nd 2009

Report by Martin Hopton, photos by Chris Turner

I just managed to get Shemar fitted out and in the water in time and we were rewarded with lovely sunny weather on the Thursday, nearly as hot as in the Pacific!

The following five boats arrived in Newtown and either moored or anchored along the western creek:

  • 335/46 Shemar
  • 285/68 Blythe Spirit
  • 235/17 Kinkajou
  • 26/103 Elsa
  • Moody31 Juno

After drinks on Shemar we all dinghied ashore and walked to the New Inn at Shalfleet where we were joined by Ron and Mita Barnes and eleven of us sat down to dinner.

The midweek rally was followed by an impromptu rally and barbeque on Saturday: