Newtown River barbeque
August 8th-9th 2009

Greetings Barbequers! Knowing that we can’t possibly have three evil summers in a row, please dust of your barbeque and get in some practice in early summer 2009 so you’ll be ready to join me and fellow crew in a sausage / veggie / prawn © Nigel of Breeze Grilling Fest in the blazing heat of August. You’ll need to bring plenty of cool beer and wine to counter the anticipated heat wave. Children and real men should bring their supersoaker water pistols, to entertain themselves and those who watch.

Please let me know if you are coming and include your contact details (preferably mobile phone and email). This way I can contact you if the weather forecast suggests thunderstorms or unbearable heat. To avoid any on/off confusion we had last year, I will sent out an email and mobile phone text message blast on the Friday to confirm arrangements.

Ken’s Newtown hints and tips

  • Bring your dinghy or make arrangements to share. You’ll need to get from anchorage to shore.
  • We’ll start the BBQ at 6pm on the west shore of the entrance. It’s a stony shore so you may wish to bring a cushion to avoid damaging your pebbles.
  • Newtown is managed by the National Trust. You can pick up a visitors buoy for £8-10. Most people anchor. There is no longer a fee for this but you will be approached and politely asked if you wish to make a donation to the National Trust. There used to be a fee of £4, so a donation of £4 to £5 will be appreciated.
  • If you are thinking of switching from disposable bbq to a real bbq, and want to treat yourself, I can recommend "Son of Hibachi". Search on the internet and you’ll find a UK supplier. They are perfect for boating: cook well, keep clean, and you can put them away hot (yes, really).

Learn more about Newtown River

Thanks for your interest and please don’t forget to send me your contact details if you are joining us. You can reach me:

  • by phone: 01256 476331 (home), mobile 07986 986 398 (Sue Surplice)
  • by email:

See you in August.

Ken Surplice

P275/25 Vol-au-vent