Ryde and Bosham midweek rally
Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th May 2009

Report by Clifford Miller

This "drying out" rally was in a week of unsettled weather with gales before we started and as we finished. The expected 7 yachts reduced to these four:

  • Parker 235 Zephyr-single handed
  • Parker 27 Harlequin-two handed
  • Parker 275 Abacus-single handed
  • Parker 325 Lucky Devil-two handed

We were pleased to be joined by other members and friends by road for convivial evenings including S26 Elsa at Ryde (9 for dinner ashore) and S22 Shiraz and P27 Stroller at the Bosham Sailing Club (12 for dinner).

As for the sailing, we all had an easy sail to Ryde in a SE 2/3 where we were each met by the Harbourmaster on the pontoon. The sail in company from Ryde to Bosham Quay rather fell apart when the wind disappeared at the submarine barrier. The drying out at Bosham Quay meant the usual checks as the water disappeared but all settled comfortably on the mud. It was a first visit for two of the yachts.

During the evening at Bosham I asked Royce Naylor (Shiraz) the best time to leave Chichester Harbour and he advised HW -3 to +2 (tha almanac says -3 to +1). As this would mean a very early start for me I asked what happened if one left after +1 and he replied very, very bumpy. He was correct! As I left Bosham at 5.30am I was +3 at the harbour entrance and had quite a character building ride out to the West Pole. From there I turned west and got all the way to the Wooton Creek entrance on a close reach with two reefs in the main and my new 140% Genoa from Kemps furled similarly. Unlike my original genoa this has foam luff ribs positioned parallel with the luff to help flatten the sail when furled and points and sails when furled almost as well as the blade jib. Thereafter the wind died until Cowes when the predicted "later" SW 5-7 suddenly blew up, so I struggled a bit against wind and tide to make the Beaulieu River entrance. However I was safely tied up at Bucklers Hard at noon for a shower and snooze after a most enjoyable sail and 3 day rally.

We look forward to the future mid week rallies for which several more members have expressed an interest.

Clifford Miller, P275/58 Abacus