Worbarrow Bay Rally, 6 – 7 June 2009

What wonderful weather we have had this month. Apart that is for a temporary blip smack on the day of the Worbarrow Rally when we were treated to strong wind warnings, torrential rain, thunder and plummeting temperatures. We were not downhearted though, but neither were we stupid. Worbarrow was not the place to be, instead there was a small but select gathering at Poole Yacht Club. Three visiting yachts arrived on a following breeze on the Friday. Phun all the way from Suffolk and Abacus, both on their way down to the West Country, and Stroller. They were joined by Lady Penelope and Tara (in spirit never actually leaving her mooring).

We gathered for an enjoyable meal at the club that evening and the following morning ventured up the Wareham River on board Stroller and Abacus. Even this proved quite challenging however, manoeuvring in and out of the tight marina berths in the strong wind.

That evening we wandered along to Poole Quay for an excellent meal at La Luca, and after a stormy night awoke to a beautiful sunny morning which the visitors took advantage of and were quickly on their way.

Steve and Di Drew
Tara of Arun

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