Fareham rally, 15-16 May 2010

Report by Phil & Carol Walden, photos by Geoff Turner and Graeme Lindsay

The Sun Shines at Fareham at last

Rallies at Fareham have a long reputation for inclement weather. Different times of the year have been tried but the weather always seemed to know and 30 to 40 knots of wind were usual with only one or two brave souls managing to get to their boats to the club pontoon. This year we got it right! An excellent forecast and twelve boats managed the long trek from Portsmouth entrance to Fareham Creek at the head of the harbour.

A lunch time high tide meant that a drink at the bar could be enjoyed on arrival. The town centre is only a few minutes walk away and several members were able to enjoy the delights of shopping and stock up on provisions during the afternoon.

The evening proceedings commenced with a glass of wine with nibbles followed by fish and chips, dessert and cheese and biscuits, all organised by Carol. All this was for the princely sum of £5.00 per head. After eats, some of the younger generation escaped to the cinema whilst those remaining were taxed with the cryptic clues of a quiz on the names of towns, cities and shops. The usual noise and hubbub of a PSSA rally was suddenly reduced as brains were engaged to decipher the devilish conundrums. At last, Phil put everyone out of their misery and issued the answers. Vol-au-Vent managed the top score, closely followed by Sunflower.

A raffle wound up proceedings and Dee Orman, rear commodore of Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club (FSMBC), had the honour of selecting the first raffle ticket whilst welcoming everyone to the club. The top raffle prize, a bottle a brandy, was won by Clifford so it will be coffee and brandies on Abacus for the rest of the season. The raffle raised £53.00 and these monies will be used to fund other social in the year.

Next morning dawned bright and fair but the wind soon picked up and clouds brought a few spots of rain. Boats made their way home, leaving at various times, depending on the tide and their destinations. A few lucky souls were starting a midweek cruise to Rye, Sussex.

With the two Fareham based boats and three crews that made it by car, it was an excellent turnout. The picturesque sight of eleven PSSA boats on the club pontoon was commented on by both club and PSSA members. Apologies should go to David in his 850, Seal Lady, who had to be berthed further downstream because of his keel arrangement. Thanks should go to Dee, John and Margaret from FSMBC who helped out in the bar and with the clearing up. This event is usually biannual so we look forward to 2012. In the meantime, visitors are always welcome at Fareham.

Phil & Carol Walden

Boats attending:
22/195Shiraz (by car)
27/147 Niquaydi
275/25 Vol-au-Vent
275/28Speedwell (by car)
275/68Blythe Spirit
285/72 Sunflower
31/11Many Moons (FSMBC)
335/46Shemar (by car)
850/76Sea Lady
O/CMacoma (FSMBC)