Eastern Seals Launching Dinner

Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Y C, Lowestoft, Sat 13 March 2010

New decade, new approach: having tried all the nautical delights of Lowestoft and Gt. Yarmouth, this year we started at the Harbour Inn, Southwold. Then on to the Alfred Corry Trust to see the 1893 wooden lifeboat, housed in the old 1923 Cromer lifeboat shed off Cromer pier. Then on to the Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Y C, for a full dinner in a historic setting.

PS In case you are interested the impressive copper cistern in the gents' loo at the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk YC has the Prince of Wales's feathers on it over the 'motto' - "Fata Huius Patriae In Vestris Manibus Est." My liberal translation is - "The fate of his country is in his hands."

Bearing in mind the location, I leave you to consider what this might mean........

John Dinwiddy