Midweek Rally

Mon 9th, Tue 10th August 2010

A total of seven boats turned out for this two-day rally, which was notable for the distance the participants travelled to take part. Two P235’s, Blue Jazz and Cool Breeze, had been towed down from the Midlands and launched in Chichester marina before being sailed to the Isle of Wight and up the river Medina to the first venue at the Folly Inn. There they found a Seal 26, Toussoc, with her French owners and crew. Paul, Pascal, Isabelle and Jerome had made a twenty-nine hour non-stop passage from their home port in North Brittany to attend the rally.

After pre dinner drinks on Shemar our party of seventeen adjourned to the Folly Inn for dinner and an evening of 'entente cordiale'.

The next day involved a gentle sail in light winds to Portsmouth with Toussoc sailing rings round Shemar until local knowledge came to the rescue. The destination was the Hardway Sailing Club, a new venue for the P&SSA on the west side of the harbour. We were able to moor alongside the club’s pontoon jetty, which partly dries at low water, and walk ashore to use the club’s facilities. Dinner was enjoyed at The Jolly Roger just across the road.

Boats in attendance:

  • Blue Jazz P235/25
  • Toussoc S26/23
  • Cool Breeze P235/27
  • Rascal S26/50
  • Zephyr P235/38
  • Shiraz S22/195
  • Shemar P335/46

Martin Hopton, Shemar P335/46