Round the Island Race

Saturday 5th June 2010

Due to the lack of wind, rather than attempting the full Round the Island race, we sailed a shorter course in the Solent. 

Comments from the Race Officer, Ken Surplice

Thank you all for supporting the RIOW race this year. Now that it is over I will confess that this was the first time that I had managed a race and committee boat. Thank you all for being well behaved and making it an enjoyable task and a great day and thank you Jenny Lowry for your valuable help. And thank you too to those who sent messages to say how you enjoyed the day. We novices need encouragement! Next year our new Sailing Secretary, David Bamber, will manage the race, but I am happy to help, if required, based on my new found experience.

I’m back to bring you the detailed results of the June RIOW race. Apologies for the delay in this, which is due to me having to learn more about the intricacies of scoring while having too much going on at work. In addition, to make future racing easier, I have updated our long established results spreadsheet to automatically incorporate handicaps. All we have to do in future is enter yes or no to sail declarations, and specify the type of engine/prop combination. Then Excel does the rest and we get instant results.

In addition to sorting out the scoring mechanism, there were three other points of interest which I’d like to share with you:

  • Handicap for having a lifting keel but declaring that you will not use it.
    At first I was inclined to exclude this and indeed a past commodore and racing guru agreed. However, our Association Handbook, in which I discover more useful stuff every year, does state that there is a specific category for declaring that you will sail with your keel down during the race. You might think about this next year.
  • Handicap for roller reefing.
    The 2008 handbook offers a handicap for roller reefing but mysteriously this line has disappeared from the 2010 handbook. Asking around, nobody knows why it went missing and the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick web pages don’t offer any advice either. In view of any better advice, and the fact that this handicap is still mentioned on our web site, we will keep it. Although all entrants had roller reefing, and the same ten handicap points, the percentage advantage will vary.
  • Handicap for Seal 850.
    I will need to update the entry form. It asks if your rig is standard but for the Seal 850 handicap we need to know if the rig is tall or short.

Since the race, I’ve had further input on improvements we can make to race instructions and rules. Have your input ready for our next AGM. Meanwhile, with everything now sorted, you can see the full results attached. Congratulations to the class winners!


ClassSail NoBoatHelmPY NoFinish timeElapsed TimeCorrected TimeOver the linePosition
2118DawnGeoff Turner109314:00:334:00:333:40:0521
2650RascalPhillip Linsell99613:50:053:50:053:51:0012
2696CalypsoJon Foreman103614:00:554:00:553:52:3333
2199KittyTerry Gates107314:31:354:31:354:13:0664
23529Sandy LadyJim Hamilton108014:37:094:37:094:16:37105
23521ViennaAdrian Lumb108014:48:044:48:044:26:44126
26100SkylarkRichard Tanner101614:31:584:31:584:27:4177
23538ZephyrPeter Scrivens106014:45:364:45:364:29:26118
2621CleoPeter Lowry99614:31:004:31:004:32:0559
27147NiquaydiRichard Watson100614:35:474:35:474:34:08810
2669Miss FidgetRichard & Gilliane Sills97614:36:014:36:014:42:48911
32535 GBR5643TLucky DevilMike Lockwood95014:30:394:30:394:44:54412
85076Sea LadyDavid Bamber111016:04:226:04:225:28:151313

These results are also available in Excel format.

Photos, taken by Diane Watson from Niquaydi and Sue Surplice from Cleo.

Waiting for the start

During the the race

At the Folly afterwards