Report by John Harburn; photos by John Dinwiddy and Ann Shepperdson

Thirty two people sat down to dinner at the Walton and Frinton Yacht Club for the Eastern Section’s annual bank holiday rally. The berthing and catering were organised by Ann Shepperdson who is Rear Commodore of the host club. Despite considerable difficulties due to staff illness, the club managed magnificently and a good evening was had by all. So good in fact that a few did not manage to make breakfast the next morning.

John Dinwiddy organized the weather, with a brisk south westerly 6 to 8 occasionally 9 for the retired southern contingent from the Thames at the beginning of the week and a northerly 5 to 7 at the end of the week for the northern contingent. Personally I felt he had overdone the wind strength for the retired members when the workers got a north westerly 4 to 5 on the Saturday. Even so 10 boats managed to make the event with Paul and Sheila Ashford’s trip from Brundall on the Broads being particularly noteworthy as they had to negotiate three opening bridges during a 70 mile voyage, although as Paul is 83 he does have a reasonable amount of experience! Still it was nice that they made the trip and we could celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary on board Dawnchild.

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