Solent Early bird rally - 9th April 2011 - Ocean Village

Greetings Seals in the South. I find that I have been volunteered to run a shake-down rally. Hey - it can happen to anyone. Now I need you to join me to make it a proper rally and not just crew Vol-au-vent. As this is a little early in the season, we need to head for somewhere with easy shore access, with power for heating, in sheltered waters so we are somewhat weather proof, and somewhere with entertainment in the area. We’ll head up Southampton Water to Ocean Village and have all of these. Southampton high street is not far away and we have shops and cinema in the immediate area. The nearby Maritime Museum opens Saturday and Sunday as does the superb Hall of Aviation, which is even closer.

Whether you want an early bird rally, a shake-down cruise or a softy sail, this is the rally for you!


If you want to join by land, you are very welcome to join us for drinks and dinner. You’ll know when you have reached Ocean Village when you see the giant SatNav by the harbour, as shown in the picture.

Whether you come by sea or by land, please do let me know of your intentions so I can plan a dinner and keep the harbour master updated. We have a rally booking in the marina so you can arrive without stress.

Please sign up so I can keep you updated on developments and give last minute advice if the weather situation causes concern. [Sun cream alert –Ed].

We look forward to welcoming you.

Ken, Sue, Kate, Paul

P275 Vol-au-vent
Phone: 01256 476331

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