East Head, Chichester

Sat 18 June 2011

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Bring your shorts, bring your barbeque and banish those barnacles. Join fellow Seals and do what your yacht is designed to do – dry out on sand.

East Head is a secluded sandy beach accessible only by yacht or long hike. Enter Chichester harbour, turn right, and you are there. If the weather is fabulous and it looks busy as you approach, don’t worry. You just head right up to the beach, going inshore of everyone else, and then dry out. If you’ve not had the pleasure of drying out before, there will be plenty of Seals around to give you advice and keep you calm.

What you need to bring: two anchors, a dinghy if you don’t like getting wet, all your food, drink and water for the weekend, enough barbecue fuel for Saturday evening and Sunday morning, and a bucket to act as your doormat, so you can wash the sand off your feet as you climb aboard from the sandy beach.

Mooring at East Head provides shelter from S/SW. Please let me know if you are coming. In case of adverse weather, your contact details will allow me to keep in touch to coordinate any last minute change of plan.

Ken, Sue, Kate and Paul Surplice
Vol-au-vent, P275/25

For last year's report & photos, see here.

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