Eastern Seals Launching Dinner

Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Y C, Lowestoft, Sat 26 March 2011

A select group of sailors gathered for another splendid launching dinner at the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club after an energetic day. Sitting down to dine were: John Dinwiddy, Brian Cook, Ann Bartlett, Pat and Pam Morgan, Paul and Sheila Ashford, Dennis and Sue Sewell, Nigel Nott, Howard and Sally Payne, John Harburn and Barbara and Chris Neale.

Starting at the Harbour Inn in Southwold, with gentle right arm exercises, and a light lunch gathered round the fire in the upper (child free!) bar, the Eastern team – well, most of it – moved to the centre of town to the Lighthouse, opened specially for us courtesy of Trinity House and the Lighthouse Trust.

Built in late Victorian times, it started with an oil lamp with a flame over four foot high! Soon converted to electricity it now runs automatically with three Halogen 90 watt bulbs, small as an old fashioned flashbulb, and still has a range of 14 miles.

And what of the team? Everyone made it successfully to the top without suffering from vertigo or exhaustion, and enjoyed a talk on its history and workings, and then enjoyed a gull’s eye view of the town and its surrounds. A change from our usual perspective.

Despite a biting wind, some of us did a little more walking round the town, and found the Sailor’s Reading Room, but sadly five minutes after closing.

A great day had by all – except Chris and Barbara Neale who were stuck in a traffic jam; they recovered over dinner, I believe.

The Eastern Area Award – a very splendid new trophy – was not presented at the dinner, but was passed on by Nigel Nott to Ann Shepperdson for her splendid efforts in organising us at Walton & Frinton Y C last year.

John Dinwiddy
Eastern Area Officer