Aberystwyth Rally
Saturday 16th June 2012

Report by Geoff Turner, P21/18 Dawn

The omens weren't good. A week before the rally, Aberystwyth was deluged with rain and the river flooded. The river was running so fast that it was impossible to enter the harbour. I'd been hoping for better weather for the rally weekend, but the Irish Sea shipping forecast for Friday and Saturday was S or SW 5 to 7, possibly gale 8 in the south.

I decided to make a dash for it on Friday, so left Fishguard at 1pm in a force 6. Broad-reaching all the way, I averaged 6½ knots for the 40 miles, sailing with just the genoa (partly furled at times). It was an exhilarating sail.

Unsurprisingly, P27 Sarissa had wisely decided not to attempt the beat down from North Wales.

Saturday was again wet and windy, and the harbour entrance was pretty nasty (see photos below). As the idea of sailing was academic, we went to the University club for a very nice lunch - thank you, Richard.

So the rally didn't actually happen, but the PSSA flag was flown and we'll try again next year. We can then have a second first-ever Welsh rally.

Those who made it somehow: Geoff Turner (P21/18 Dawn), Richard MacVe (P21/12 Dream), Jan & Christine Newman (P325/32 Blue Moon).
And there in spirit: Carl Gardiner (P27/120 Sarissa).

Aberystwyth entrance on the day of the rally

Better weather sailing back to Fishguard on Sunday