Beaulieu Rally - Sat 12th May 2012


Encouraged by a bright weekend, if somewhat brisk wind eighteen boats turned up this year for the annual Beaulieu rally at Timbrell’s quay. The boats were Elsa, Foca, Grace, Jans Express, Juliska, Juno, Kerenza, Lesa, Lucky Devil, Pegasus, Rascal, Sandy Lady, Sophia, Speedwell , Sunflower, Tara, Tilikum, and Vol au Vent. Three boats also spent Friday night at the quay, and helped get the place shipshape - thanks to Lesa, Sophia, and Vol au Vent. A number of members also arrived by car, helping to make the evening very convivial.

Extra entertainment was provided in the shape of a "posh" wedding at Beaulieu Abbey, the bride and groom attempting to make their escape by launch, but unfortunately they had to be rescued by PSSA in the shape of Chris Turner, as they didn’t appear to be able to put it in gear!

Surprisingly there were no Parker 21s and only one 235s this year (the "organisers").. Super Seals were much in evidence as were the larger Parkers.

In conclusion there is not a lot to say about the rally, except that the weather was fine, the company good and a great deal was actually said on the occasion

Jim Hamilton