The Sun Shines Again at Fareham!
Sat 26 - Sun 27 May 2012

The reputation for inclement weather during PSSA rallies at Fareham is disappearing into past history. This year the sun shone almost to excess but there was a stiff breeze from the East with an inshore forecast saying it might bring gusts up to a Force 7.

Eight boats made it on the water with two more based at Fareham plus five further crews making it overland. Such numbers made for a good turnout and a headcount of around 37 people.

Boats arrived from lunchtime onwards and with the town so close, several of the younger element made their way to shops and skate parks. Early evening saw the BBQ lit and the wine flowing. It was a ‘cook it yourself’ BBQ with Carol (Macoma) supplying the potatoes and salads. A selection of sweets including a ‘Carol Trifle’ completed the meal.

As the tide disappeared a strange ritual was seen to be taking place on the pontoon. Several members were obviously praying that the water would drain away. It transpired that Carol had lost her glasses in the water whilst looking after her grandson but unfortunately the prayers were not answered. A lower tide the following morning made recovery of the glasses possible.

Later in the evening, a multi-subject quiz was posted and members had to test their ability on General Knowledge, Towns and Cities, Find the Shop and naming Portraits. Having a team of mixed ages was obviously an asset and Sophia managed to walk away with the bubbly.

At the end of the evening our Commodore presented Carol with flowers, a bottle of Champagne and the proceeds of a cash collection for all her efforts.

Departure was either early morning on Sunday in order to carry the tide down the harbour or at a more gentlemanly time at mid morning when the water had returned.

This event is usually biannual so we look forward to 2014. In the meantime, visitors are always welcome at Fareham.

Phil & Carol Walden