Laying up lunch
Sunday 18th November 2012

After a successful pre-launch lunch at the  Ferryman Inn in March, it seemed sensible to try the location again for the Laying Up lunch. Anticipated numbers meant that we would probably push the venue to its limit and so it proved. The Ferryman were happy to cater for up to 65 and come the day we had 63 people with 3 members not being able to make it on the day. Members came from far and wide including Dawn from west Wales and Lesa actually sailing from the Isle of Wight.

The Ferryman made us most welcome. An advance contingent made up of members of the committee and their support teams had enjoyed a ‘stuffing party’ prior to the arrival of the main body. This enabled those attending to receive their PSSA Newsletter by hand and hence save vast costs in postage. For the meal, we were shown to our own room with its separate bar. The meal had choices of soup or prawn cocktail for starters and beef, pork or lamb with all the trimmings for main course. If you ordered lemon meringue pie for dessert then you were lucky. Those looking forward to a millionaires icecream shortbread cake had to settle for carrot or chocolate fudge cake due to a supply problem.

After all this food, coffee was served with mint chocolates together with a few words from our Commodore and others highlighting some of the events planned for next year. Some members were lucky enough to win prizes in the pub raffle. All attending seemed pleased with the location and there were some very favourable comments about the quality of the food, service and value for money.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all and we look forward to some fine sailing weather in 2013.

Carol and Phil Walden

Attending: Seal, Shiraz, Heart of Glass, Lesa, ex. Ariel, Rascal, Ard Righ, Miss Fidget, Elsa, Tara of Arun, Kotick, Sea Lady, Sandy Lady, Zephyr, Dawn, Jans Express, Sea Lark, Vol-au-Vent, Speedwell, Sophia, Abacus, Sunflower, Many Moons, Kerenza, ‘SO379’, Tilikum, Lucky Devil, Shemar, Baldur, Can y Mor, Macoma and several members with no craft.