Chichester Harbour Rally, Cowes
Sat 24th - Mon 26th August 2013

This year’s rally in Chichester was a successful gathering which overcame a few challenges.

Seven boats gathered at East Head with the idea of a barbecue and playing out the Boules competition. The forecast of northerly 4 to 5 was always going to challenge this and after some positive thinking about braving it out we were put off by rising winds on a lee shore and went to the back up location at Chichester Marina. Here we had a replay of the usual Seals activity – drinks on board Speedwell! This was followed by a barbecue in the leafy surrounds of the marina in the gloaming then quite a few crew gathering on Penlu just to make sure we had a enough social interaction.

Sunday was a brighter though still breezy day and this posed a few challenges finding suitable moorings off Thorney Island Sailing Club for another slightly different selection of seven boats. We then went ashore suffering several handicaps on the way such as non functioning Seagulls, mobiles dropped in the drink, and a slightly slippery hard to walk along. This was all worth it and we enjoyed a very hospitable reception in the club and another barbecue with one of the most scenic and calm settings one can enjoy in Chichester harbour (see pictures).

After few more challenges such as the Commodore’s tender leaking and setting off his life jackets and a very slippery launching of all the other tenders, we enjoyed a most convivial session aboard the President’s spacious vessel Shemar. This allowed time for the tide to come in and allow those on half tide moorings back on board with climbing / mud skipping tuition from Phil Linsell.

I think a good time was had by all but we still need to complete the Boules and Sandcastle competition.

PS. another thank you to Phil L for helping find the mobile on the mud!

Boats attending :- Speedwell, Shemar, Sophia, Rascal, Macoma, Penlu, Bonaire, Zephyr, Frith, Niquaydi

Tim Reeder