Early Season Dinner
Saturday 30th March 2013

For latest updates, see this forum topic.

Folks, you are invited to join fellow Seals at an early season dinner in Lymington on Saturday 30th March. This dinner, exceptionally for this year, replaces the traditional pre-launch lunch. The reason behind this is that the AGM was later than usual while our chosen restaurant was being remodelled. Therefore we have hijacked the Saturday of the Easter cruise to replace the pre-launch lunch and we have labelled it an early season dinner as some of you have already launched for the season.

On the Saturday, David Bamber is leading the fleet to Lymington so this will be the venue for our dinner. Registrations for the water-based part of the rally are coming in, but not quick enough for me to have a good estimate of the number of places we'll need at dinner.

To book your place at dinner, please fill in the form below. Dining choices range from the Lymington Town Sailing Club to a traditional restaurant we have enjoyed in the past. We'll commence dinner at 7pm.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the forum or give me a call. Thanks for your interest!

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