Newtown River Rally
Sat 13 July 2013

Seals turned out in force at Newtown River thanks to the wonderful weather, we counted Can-y-Mor, Gentoo, Grace, Jans Express, Heart of Glass, Lesa, Many Moons, Pegasus, Rascal, Ruby Star, Sandy Lady, Shiraz, Sophia, Sulito, Vol-au-Vent and Tara.

During the afternoon everybody made the best of the sunshine, swimming and canoeing amongst other activities, we rowed up the Western Haven (highly recommended) for lunch with Hilary of Lesa. Ken preferred to stay down below to fit his latest gismo.

Before the barbeque everybody was invited onto Tara for drinks. I counted 26 people on board at one stage. Evidently this hadn’t caused the water level to rise above the gas locker drain outlet or I really would have something to report, as I discovered the next day that the hose had come off! It was a perfect balmy evening for the barbeque on the spit overlooking the entrance which continued till after sunset when everybody paddled back to their boats replete.

Steve and Di Drew Tara 26/105