The Sun Shines Once More at Fareham, 19 - 20 July 2014

A proper British summer had arrived for once. Such weather encouraged three boats, Sunflower, Heart of Glass and Jans Express, to arrive a day early at Fareham Sailing and Motor Boat Club (FSMBC). The early bird crews took the opportunity to undertake the picturesque walk to Portchester Castle or take a turn around the shops in the nearby town. More boats arrived during Saturday and so by the end of the day nine boats were moored to the club pontoon. Three boat crews came by car and four FSMBC crews attended giving a total of 16 boats being represented. The weather was perfect but the forecast threatened a rain storm at the time the BBQ was to be lit. The rain never happened and everyone enjoyed a beautiful sunny evening.

The evenings proceedings commenced with Carol (Macoma) serving Sangria and nibbles whilst the BBQ was heating up. Carol�s marmite whirls disappeared in double quick time and there have been several requests for the recipe. It is appended at the end of this report. Steve and Julie (Penlu), ably assisted by 21 month old grandson Jake, opened the club bar early to so that those working up a thirst over a hot fire could have a real drink. Jacket potatoes and salads were provided with crews bringing their own victuals to cook on the BBQ.

Once everyone had eaten, the Wine Whist was started. One bottle of wine was submitted for each two members of crew who wanted to play. This resulted in 14 bottles of wine to be tasted. Two couples sat at each of seven tables with two bottles of wine to taste on each table. The wines had to be judged for clarity, colour, bouquet, flavour, and most importantly, cost. Once the first two wines had been tasted, one couple moved up a table number and the other couple moved down a table number. Hence couples moved around the tables tasting and scoring all the wines as well meeting everyone. As the wine was consumed the movement between tables became a little disorganised. This is not unusual at such events but everyone ended up sampling 14 wines. At the end of the tasting, each couple had to submit their estimate of the total cost of the wines. Sunflower won first prize, a bottle of wine of course, for getting nearest the total which was �67.02. Sophia won the wooden spoon in the form of a packet of After Eights for being the most optimistic about how much Seals spend on their wine.

Departure was either early morning on Sunday in order to carry the tide down the harbour or at a more gentlemanly time later in the day when the water had returned.

Thanks to everyone who brought contributions to the nibbles and salads. This event is usually biannual so we look forward to 2016. In the meantime, visitors are always welcome at Fareham.

Phil & Carol Walden

Recipe: Carol�s Marmite Whirls


  • 1 packet of Puff Pastry
  • 1 large chopped onion
  • Marmite
  • Grated cheese

To make:

  • Roll out pastry until thin
  • spread over with marmite, sprinkle with onion and cheese.
  • Roll up like a Swiss roll.
  • Cut into sections like biscuits.

To cook:

Lay on a greased baking tin, brush with egg and milk. Cook for about 15 minutes in a medium oven until risen and slightly brown.

Boats attending:

  • 22/3 Angelica (FSMBC)
  • 22/155 Scrumpy Jack (by car)
  • 22/267 Sea Haze (by car)
  • 26/25 Heart of Glass
  • 26/50 Rascal
  • 27/129 Jans Express
  • 27/154 Frith
  • 235/38 Zephyr
  • 275/11 Penlu (FSMBC)
  • 275/28 Speedwell
  • 275/53 Sophia
  • 275/56 Grace
  • 285/72 Sunflower
  • 31/11 Many Moons (FSMBC)
  • 335/46 Shemar (by car)
  • O/C Macoma (FSMBC)