Round the Island Race
Sat 5th July 2014


Date 5-Jul-14
1st start 07:40
2nd start 08:00
Entries 8

Class Sail No Boat name Helm name Start Spin / Chute Furl Jib Prop Keel Class PY Adjusted PY Finish Time Elapsed Time Corrected Time Position over line Corrected Position
21 81 Breeze Nigel Walbank 1 Spin n OB Lift 1063 1063 14:13:35 6:33:35 6:10:15 1 1
325 19 Kerenza Jeremy Parsons 2 Spin y IBF Lift 940 950 14:31:45 6:31:45 6:52:22 2 2
325 23 Tilikum Jonathan Houston 2 Spin y IBF Lift 940 950 14:32:45 6:32:45 6:53:25 3 3
275 5983T Abacus Clifford Miller 1 None y IBF Lift 976 1026 14:51:00 7:11:00 7:00:05 4 4
27 GBR3630T Frith Martin Watson 1 None y IBF Lift 976 1026 RET        
325 GBR5643T Lucky Devil Mike Lockwood 2 Spin y IBF Lift 940 950 RET        
26 50 Rascal Phillip Linsell 1 Chute y IBF Lift 976 1006 DNC        
26 75 Juliska Christopher Prowse 1 None y IBF Lift 976 1026 DNC        

Conditions were pretty lively and Class 1 started 10 minutes late as Ruby Star had problems anchoring in the wind over tide. Breeze pulled away on the beat to the Needles, her number 3 jib and two reefs were more efficient than the furling headsails of Abacus and Frith, the wind was around 22 Knts with gusts in the high twenties. Martin Watson then had a problem shortly before Hurst narrows and sailing singlehanded started the engine to stabilise the boat to sort it out which led to his retirement. Lucky Devil also decided that with her instruments showing over thirty knots across the decks that reaching Cowes would be more comfortable by turning back.

Once round the Needles the sun came out and the reach to St Cats was excilerating, on Breeze we initially took out one reef and as the wind appeared to be easing changed up to the number two jib. On Breeze we took the rhumb line as the surfing was good. About three miles from St Cats we shook out the last reef as Abacus, who had taken a more inshore route making better use of the tide, was catching up. After passing the overfalls off St Cats we went for the spinnaker and again enjoyed sustained surfs on the waves to Ventnor. Abacus again kept much closer to the shore and had a much better look at the scenery, we were too fully occupied to have much time to look!

After gybing off Dunnose Point we enjoyed one surf where the GPS showed 12.1 Knts over the ground, whilst we averaged 9.5 to Bembridge Ledge. The white sail reach to Seaview was quite tame in the flat water in the lee of the Island. Having made such good time, we arrived at a much lower state of tide than my passage plan and the keel and rudder came up to clear the ridge off Puckpool Point, and again to escape the sands off Ryde. We then had a close hauled leg to the finish where Ruby Star was there to great us, Malcolm and his crew deserve a special thank-you for giving up their weekend to give us proper starts and finishes.

Shepards Wharf’s pontoon provided a more steady platform than Breeze for the pre dinner Pimms and nibbles, although even that wobbled a bit as three of the super cruise liners left Southampton. The Duke of York provided excellent servive and me with with some lovely moules and my crew of Tim and Martin Power enjoyed their meals as well.

Nigel Walbank

There are some photos of the finish on the Gallery page - filter for Event: RIOW