PSSA Rallies 2021( Provisional Dates) Solent and Poole areas  

Date        Event       HW BST        Organiser
3rd April (Easter Saturday)    Cowes   HW 16.30   Cancelled due to Covid Restrictions
4th April (Easter Sunday)   Hamble   HW 17.42   Cancelled due to Covid Restrictions
3rd May (Early May Bank Holiday Monday)    Venue to be decided   HW 17.51   Cancelled due to Covid Restrictions
29th May (Late May Bank Holiday Saturday)   KISS Rally (Keep It Simple Sailing) beach BBQ   HW 14.17   Peter Lowry (07528 425377)
5th June (Saturday)   Redhorn in Poole Harbour   HW 13.39   Denis Brophy  (07776 255899)
19th June (Saturday)   PSSA RIOW & Wight Cruise   HW 06.30   8.00am start              
David Bamber (07761 155818)
26th June (Saturday)   East Head   HW 12.30   David Bamber (07761 155818)
3rd July (Saturday)   RIOW race   HW 07.00    
17th July (Saturday)   Beaulieu   HW 17.40   Steve & Di Drew (07913 065970)
18th July (Sunday)       HW 06.00    
31st July (Saturday)   Newtown Creek   HW 17.43   James (Jim)Hamilton  (07714 156071)
6th August (Friday) &
7th August (Saturday)
  Island Harbour   HW 11.10 &
HW 11.48
  Paul & Donna  Gray (07789 405624)
28th August (Bank Holiday Saturday)   Fareham Sailing Club   HW 15.55   Phil & Carol Walden  (07787 575369)
29th August  (Bank Holiday Sunday)   Ryde   HW 16.34   Volunteer required
10th - 12th September   Jazz@Newport   HW 14.25 &
HW 15.08
  Julie & Ieuan Stanley  (07876 771029)
9th October (Saturday)   Autumn Rally (Cowes/Southampton)   HW 14.00   Jeremy Parsons (07762 218409)
















High water estimations are for Portsmouth.    

N.B. All these dates are provisional. Please check on the  website Forum page for up to date details of rallies and events or contact the event organiser.    

Anyone who wishes to organise a rally are very welcome to spring forward and volunteer, just let our Sailing Secretary know and they will give you all the information and guidence required.

Please all be reminded that they and their guests participating in PSSA events entirely at their own risk - see section 18 of the PSSA Constitution (at the back of the Members handbook).