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7 Jan 20 SS26's Fra and Emoyeni for sale, spinnaker pole for sale, Events updated
16 Dec 19 P235 Shiraz 2 for sale, 6hp outboard and inflatable dinghy for sale, Sprog and Stickleback sold, provisional 2020 calendar
16 Nov 19 P31 Cocos sold, P21 Sprog price reduced, 2.5 outboard and spinnaker snuffer for sale
17 Oct 19 P325 Blue Moon, SS26 Evangeline and P21 Dignity for sale
29 Sep 19 P275 Alchemist and P235 Molly for sale, outboard well fairing for sale, P27 sails and prop wanted, Team Spirit price reduced, Elsa, Jovial and Choc Ice Too sold
30 Jul 19 SS26 Ceres and S28 Wild Eve for sale, S28 Rowan sold
6 Jul 19 P21 Sprog for sale, S22 Elsa price reduced, P235 Morvoren and SS26 Saluja sold
8 Jun 19 SS26 Team Spirit and P235 Morvoren for sale, P31 Cocos price reduced, Sea-Ell, Nimrod and Blackjack sold, Alchemist withdrawn from sale
5 May 19 Parker 275 Alchemist and Seal 22 Elsa for sale, set of galvanised stands for sale
19 Apr 19 Seal Sinbad Scheherazade, Seal 28 Rowan and P27 Choc Ice Too for sale
26 Mar 19 P285 Spartacus for sale, P335 trailer for sale
16 Mar 19 P275 Hainault 3 and P21 Breeze sold
16 Feb 19 P275 Hainault 3 and P21 Breeze for sale, Limmershin price reduced, 2019 Calendar updated, Regalia updated (new: cap badge)
30 Dec 18 P31 Cocos for sale, Lady Tiki sold
24 Nov 18 Provisional 2019 programme, P31 White Light, P275 Nimrod, and P27 Stickleback for sale, P27 Sea-Ell price reduced, No Dramas and Silver Morning sold
3 Sep 18 P335 Lady Tiki, P27 No Dramas and P27 Sea-Ell for sale, Ceres sold
9 Aug 18 Many updates
17 Feb 18 Calendar and Sailing Instructions updated, Bebe ad updated, P275 mainsail for sale, Silver Morning and Saluja price reduced, Nasseem, No Dramas  & Moonspinner sold
17 Dec 17 S22 Shiraz and P27 No Dramas for sale, SS26 Pindara sold
28 Nov 17 P21 Shivra for sale, P27 Sea Lark sold
21 Nov 17 SS26 Nasseem price reduced, SS26 Aeolus ad updated, P27 Sandhopper sold
30 Oct 17 P27 Sandhopper, SS26 Pindara, P235 Slipstream and S22 Sealesta for sale, Sea Lark, Moonspinner and Limmershin price reduced, P275 Stack Pack  and various sails etc for sale, P31 Slide Rule and P21 no 48 sold
10 Sep 17 SS26's Nasseem> and Saluja for sale, P21 Cruising chute for sale, Leaway II and Sarissa sold
25 Jul 17 SS26 Limmershin and P235's Juicy Blue and for sale, P275 Pelican sold, anchor ball for sale
3 Jul 17 P21 no 48, S22s Goldfinch and Moonspinner for sale, P21 Holdfast price reduced, S22 Harmony, SS26 Soloman Seal and P21 Altair sold
31 May 17 P235 Bebe for sale, P335 Lady Tiki removed from sale, P275 cradle sold
26 May 17 SS26 Soloman Seal price reduced for quick sale
18 May 17 P275 Pelican for sale, Aeolus price reduced
3 May 17 SS26 Silver Morning for sale, P275/285 Cradle for sale, AeolusKotick and Harmony prices reduced, Chiara, Sea Fever, Shadowfax and Dreamer sold
26 Mar 17 SS26 Aeolus for sale, P235 Sea Fever price reduced, P235 Sandpiper and P275 Indianna sold
12 Mar 17 P335 Lady Tiki for sale, P21 Midge removed from sale
3 Mar 17 P275 Indianna, P27 Sarissa, S22's Harmony and  Optimum Wave for sale, events calendar updated, Altair and Chiara prices reduced, Rose II sold, Foca withdrawn, P275/285 wanted
24 Jan 17 P275 Dreamer and P21 Shadowfax for sale, S22 trailer for sale, P27 Condor sold, calendar updated
4 Jan 17 P21 Frazzle and Seal 22 for sale, P21 Altair price reduced, provisional events list, Betty Blue withdrawn from sale
26 Nov 16 Regalia page updated, odds and ends for sale, Team Spirit sold
17 Oct 16 P27 Condor and P21 Midge for sale, P27 No Dramas sold
12 Oct 16 P235 Northern Sky sold, spinnaker pole sold
6 Oct 16 P27 Sea Lark and P21 Holdfast for sale, SS26 Foca price reduced
11 Sep 16 P285 Betty Blue, SS26 Team Spirit and S22 Ronan Mara for sale, P325 spinnaker pole for sale, Sea Fever price reduced, Pelican withdrawn from sale
17 Aug 16 SS26 boom for sale, Pelican ad updated
11 Aug 16 Vela sold
25 Jul 16 P27 sails for sale, Cascade sold
17 Jul 16 P275 Pelican for sale, Leaway II price reduced, Omega sold
11 Jul 16 P27 No Dramas and P275 Vela for sale, Aquilla sold
6 Jul 16 P27 Omega for sale, P31 cradle available, Cascade and Northern Sky prices reduced
27 May 16 Inflatable dinghy and outboard for sale, VHF and  baby's lifejacket for sale, P275 Sunbird and P21 Cloud 9 sold
7 May 16
11 May 16
P275 Aquilla, Mini-Seal Esprit and Seal Sinbad Kotick for sale, Nondikass and Red Storm sold
P275 Sunbird for sale
29 Apr 16 P21 Altair, P235 Sandpiper and S28 Saphena Minor for sale, P235/P21 part-exchange wanted, Cascada and Hainault III sold, Hill Head rally report
13 Apr 16 SS26 Soloman Seal for sale, P275 stand for sale, Choc Ice 2, Ardea and Lily-M sold
4 Apr 16 P31 Muffin for sale, calendar updated
10 Mar 16 P21 Cloud 9 for sale, Isabella removed from sale, P31/325/335 wanted
2 Mar 16 New article: Parker 27 6:1 keel lift modification
27 Feb 16 P275 Hainault III for sale
21 Feb 16 P27 Red Storm price reduced, P31 Pegasus and S850 Sea Lady removed from sale, Kittiwake of Kent sold, P275 Cascada ad updated
Inflatable tender and Seal 22 rudder for sale
22 Jan 16 P27 Choc Ice Too and Moody S31 Juno for sale, S22 sails and sprayhood for sale, P27 Red Storm price reduced, P21 Shadowfax sold
29 Nov 15 P275 Ardea and LM28 Rose II for sale, P235 Sea Fever price reduced, AGM details
18 Nov 15 P235 Chiara and P21 Shadowfax for sale, P325 Cascade price reduced, Nondikass ad updated, Counterpoint sold P325/335 wanted
15 Oct 15 P275 Cascada for sale, P31 Pegasus price reduced, P21's Fenice and Footloose and S22 Florence sol
25 Sep 15 S22 Lily-M for sale, P27 Red Storm ad updated, S850 Sea Lady price reduced, P31's Venture and Dragonfly sold, P27 rudder for sale
25 Aug 15 P21 Fenice for sale, Stowe parts available, P31 Venture price reduced, Hermione and Kotick sold, Midge removed from sale
3 Aug 15 RIOW race results, S22 Lara sold. 7 Aug: SS26 Foca for sale,S22 Hermione for sale, Sea Largo withdrawn from sale
12 Jul 15 S22 Florence for sale, P27 Red Storm updated
6 Jul 15 P27 Red Storm for sale, P235 Sea Fever price reduced
30 Jun 15 P235 Northern Sky for sale, P235 Gentoo sold
20 Jun 15 P21 Footloose for sale, P325/335 mainsails for sale, S850 Sea Lady and S22 Dee Rover's prices reduced, PSSA clothing updated
22 May 15 P31 Pegasus, P21 Midge and S22 Dee Rover for sale, P31 Venture and SS26 Miss Fidget prices reduced, Round the Island race details, May Day rally report, S22 boom cover wanted, P275 Marguerite sold, P235 Sandpiper removed from sale
8 May 15 P275 Pelican for sale
17 Apr 15 P235 Gentoo for sale
10 Apr 15 P235 Sea Fever for sale, SS26 sails for sale, SS26 Ceres sold, photos of Launching lunch and Easter rally
18 Mar 15 P31 Dragonfly, P275 Marguerite and P235 Sandpiper for sale; SS26 Counterpoint and Leaway II prices reduced; P235 Jago and P235 Lucy sold; P31 Pegasus removed from sale; Cooler for sale (free); Eastern Area Dinner and MayDay rally details
17 Feb 15 P235 Lucy for sale, SS26 Ceres price changed, P275 Bright Eyes sold, AGM photos, more rally details
30 Jan 15 SS26 Isabella for sale, P275 Spinnaker for sale, Toy Yot removed from sale
1 Jan 15 AGM details, P31 Pegasus and S28 Kittiwake of Kent for sale
2 Dec 14 P27 Kotick for sale, calendar and bags on regalia page, Laying up Lunch report, P235 cruising chute wanted, P27 Niquaydi sold, P275 Dreamer withdrawn from sale
20 Nov 14 SS26 Counterpoint and P235 Jago for sale, S28 page updated with Mike Edwards' drawings, Rotostay parts wanted
12 Nov 14 P275 Bright Eyes and S22 Hylje for sale, P335 Spirit of Skylark, P235 Windward and S22 Ftera sold, P31 wanted, P275 cradle for sale, dinghy, outboard and oil pump for sale
18 Oct 14 SS26 Miss Fidget for sale, P235 Vienna sold, SS26 Foca removed from sale, P21 cruising chute wanted, provisional 2015 program
26 Sep 14 P27 Niquaydi and SS26 Black Jack for sale, P235 Windward price reduced
4 Sep 14 New article Resealing P27 Windows, SS26's Foca and Sealion for sale, snuffer for sale, P275 cradle wanted, P235 Juicy Blue sold
15 Aug 14 P335 Spirit of Skylark and S22 Chimer for sale
12 Aug 14 Fareham rally report & recipe, P325 Cascade and S22s Ftera and Toy Yot II for sale, Sea Lady,  Venture and Dreamer prices reduced, P21 genoa price reduced, Mya sold, Betty Blue withdrawn from sale
13 Jul 14 RTI race report and results, P285 Betty Blue for sale, P27 sails for sale
30 Jun 14 SS26 Mya, SS26 Ceres and S22 Ronan Mara for sale, Fareham rally details, Juicy Blue updated, Two Hoots ad removed.
9 Jun 14 Juicy Blue and Vienna prices reduced, Sevira sold
28 May 14 New Photo Gallery using Flickr, Round the Island race details, Yarmouth/Folly rally report, P21 genoa for sale
7 May 14 Aztec and Alchemist sold, S850 Sea Lady price reduced
23 Apr 14 S28 Sevira for sale, S22 Lara for sale, P31 Nondikass price reduced, boom tent sold
10 Apr 14 P285 Two Hoots for sale, Kerygma and Otoesei sold, SS26 cockpit cover for sale, inflatable dinghy for sale, S22 sails wanted, sailing suits sold
27 Mar 14 P235 Vienna for sale, Dreamer updated
18 Mar 14 Tohatsu outboard and 2 sailing suits for sale
14 Mar 14 More rally details, Alchemist price reduced, Footloose sold, Contacts page updated
11 Feb 14 New article on rebuilding a rudder stock, photo comp winner, P325 Spinnaker wanted, Barton clutch wanted, Jago withdrawn from sale
19 Jan 14 P21 Footloose for sale, Kerygma price reduced, 2014 diary updated
7 Jan 14 Sealoner and Saphena Minor sold, 2014 diary updated