Parker 21 rudder uphaul/downhaul

Supplied by Neville Simmons

Submitted by Royce Watchhorn- Sept 2003

It is a development of the system originally devised by John Simmons (the original owner of P21/30 in her incarnation as "Lady-be-Good")

The four pictures show:

  1. "Uphaul" shows the line goes into the stock, round a pulley inside > somewhere and comes out through a hole in the tiller. By taking a turn round the cleat and working the tiller up and down you can lift the rudder quite easily.
  2. "Port" shows the downhaul tackle and clamcleat. When the rudder is down the blocks are closer together.
  3. "released" shows the clamcleat in the released position allowing the rudder to come up. It's normally held in close to the tiller by the white/blue bungey.
  4. "Starboard" shows the adjustable bungey that goes round a pulley let into the tiller and holds the cleat in until you hit something.