Modifications for Parker 325/335

Submitted by Don Harvey, Parker 325 'Calypso', 20 May 2006

Owners of Parker 325/335s may be interested the a few modifications that I have carried out on my boat 'Calypso'

Addition of a transom water deflector

This modification came about as a result of a discussion on the Parker 325/335 Forum relating to the ingress of water into the stern of the boat if the catchment trough becomes full and is unable to drain away. This happened to me as a result of the drain being blocked after some weeks under the trees during winter maintenance and then me flooding the cockpit with water while cleaning the boat. The problem was exacerbated by the canvas strip, that is supposed to deflect water, being folded inside by the rudder bracket, so encouraging water to enter the catchment trough instead of away from it.

Various novel solutions were put forward on the Bulletin B, but after some thought I decided what was needed is simply a solid deflector to replace the canvas strip. The pictures below show the new deflector that I had made from stainless steel.

This modification not only works - it looks better (and as they say with boats - if it looks right, it is right). If anyone is interested in the measurements, please get in touch.


Guard Rail Gate

When boarding our boat from a dinghy, we have always done so from the side with a removable boarding ladder rather than via the stern ladder. It is both more convenient and safer as one can secure the stern and bow of the dinghy to the toe rail.

Due to an accident to my wife's shoulder, she was finding the climbing out of a dinghy difficult. so to ease her problem I had the guard rails (on both sides) between two stanchions, made so that they could be removed without the remainder going slack. - see pictures below.

Once done I realised this provided two additional benefits:

  1. It is now easier to launch and recover a dinghy without having to struggle to lift it over the guardrails
  2. (though I haven't had to and hope never to have to) It eases the task of recovering a MOB.

Anchor Retaining Bracket

Tired of having to struggle to lift a very heavy anchor out of its locker and then through the gap between the forestay and pulpit, I decided to mount the anchor permanently on the bow. Thankfully Calypso has twin bow rollers for setting two anchors when the need arises, which meant each roller was offset either side of the forestay. All I needed was some way of retraining the end of the shank.

The pictures below show such an arrangement.


Pushpit Gate

This modification was carried out to improve the security and comfort of the helm. It replaced the single strand of wire that normally stretches across the gap in the pushpit.

The picture below shows the gate as being two stainless steel bars, curved to follow the curve in the stern (and back), and of thickness to match those of the Pushpit. Each is held at the ends by retaining pins. Both bars can be removed in around 5 seconds.