Moulds for cabin top sections and two part sliding hatch of a Seal 22

I have recently been given a very nice set of moulds (and plugs) that were custom made to produce the GRP cabin top sections and two part sliding hatch that is on Moonspinner Seal 22/249.

The moulds and plugs were expertly made by the previous owner, Dave Ayres to whom all credit goes. For storage reasons, Dave, who now sails an Anderson 26, has left the moulds in my care and I have agreed with him that whilst I have no wish to profit by them, they may well be of use to other members.

The moulds are available free of charge to members of the association provided they are prepared to arrange collection & return, or cover the cost of packing/postage both ways. I think it would however be a nice if in return for use of the moulds, the user might agree to make a donation to the RNLI.

Greg Faux