Ashlett Creek

Report 1 - Ashlett Creek

Submitted:   Adrian & Pam Lumb
  Ariana (Beneteau 323)
  March 2021

This Creek is often overlooked in the Solent. The feedback from Adrian and Pam is very useful and linking to the web site for Ashlett Sailing Club has some great fly through drone videos. The easiest moorings can be had at the sailing club, but also at the quay itself, although on the quay the sound of running water through the water mill may lead to getting up in the middle of the night!!

These are the key point they raise

  • It is best to visit for the first time on a tide greater than 4.1 meters.

  • Use Calshot “Easytide web site” for height and times.

  • Go in and out on a rising tide.

  • The bottom is soft mud so don’t worry if you touch bottom.

  • The tide takes a while to come in, then there is a “stand” then it goes out quickly. As mentioned use “Easytide” as it shows quite accurately the tidal curve.


  • Use the club website for further detail on visiting and navigation