Bow Creek

Report 1 - Bow Creek

Submitted:   Bill Peach and Jonathan Houston
  Kalandia (Parker 325) and Tilikum (Parker 325)
  July 2021

The entrance to Bow Creek on the river Harbourne is clearly marked with a Port Lateral mark. Equally the very meandering channel is well marked with lateral buoys.

We approached on a rising tide about 1 hour off high water midway between springs and neaps. There were a few spots in the channel that we were at keel depth and had to lift the keel a little to move forward, that may well have been that we were not quite in the channel.

The quay at Tuckenhay is just after the entrance on the port side to the river Wash and is conveniently right outside the Maltsters Arms pub. There is space for a couple of boats rafted against the quay wall which also has a ladder, this was already taken so Tilikum and Kalandia rafted up to the floating pontoon. We decided to take shore lines as well as the pontoon only seemed to be attached to the quay by a flimsy rope.

When we were alongside we went up stream in the dinghy with Sarah leading the way on her paddle board. It was pretty much at the head of the navigable part even for dinghies and you have to duck under the trees as it starts to get quite narrow but it is very quiet and scenic. There is another pub at the top (the Waterman’s Arms) although we didn’t go quite this far. We returned to the boat to get ready for a pleasant dinner at the Maltsters, even though it was under COVID restrictions outside

We stayed overnight, and as we settled on the muddy bottom we listed slightly towards each other, so making sure the masts did not clash was a good idea. Other than that, it was a very quiet and comfortable stop.

I would imagine it could get busy in peak times, so having a plan B of anchoring off the channel is always an option

Departing was easy on the high tide, although turning round at the quay was a little tight