Looe, Cornwall

Report 1 - Looe 

Submitted:   Bill Peach
  Kalandia (Parker 325)
  Date: August 2021

This summer we visited Looe staying on the Visitor berths on the west coast of the river

There are clear marks on the harbour wall and on sign posts to show the designated area which can accommodate 2 boats alongside, as it is against the harbour wall  there are Vertical Yellow stripes showing the limit of the area and you need to keep inside those as there are many local boats that also use the wall as well as a series of small passenger ferries.

It is recommended to phone ahead to the harbour master to make sure there is room

You need to approach at high water as the visitor area dries out, at full flood or ebb the tide runs pretty fast, but the entrance is quite clear other than passing fishing or tripper boats.

Once alongside, fortunately the bottom is solid and flat not quite drying on a neap but definitely drying on a spring but in both cases, you will sit on the bottom at low tide.

It will be necessary to use long lines to allow for the rise and fall of tide. A mooring board is quite useful to sit between the vertical posts. There are 2 ladders. Its good to get the mooring lines set at low tide.

Great location, Passenger ferry (£1 to cross river) 10m from berth. Toilet block within 30m with 2 very large and well fitted out shower room/toilets for visiting yachts. These did get an award for best in the South West. A café within 30m and a pub within 50m. Deli and SPAR shop within 60m. Crossing the river to East Looe either by ferry or by foot over the road bridge (5 mins) you are in the high street with all manner of shops, small supermarkets, pubs restaurants, fish stalls straight from the boats.

Visitor rates 2021 were £20 per night