Placing an advert

If you'd like to place an advert, please email the webmaster. If you're selling a boat, please include the class, boat name and sail number, a general description and an equipment list, any good photos and - of course - the price! The advert will have it's own page and URL, will stay on as long as you want it, and may be updated whenever necessary.

"Boats for Sale" adverts are free if you've been a member, but £20 if not.  "Other Items" and "Wanted" ads are free for members.

Other items for sale


Looking for Parker 275/285

Previous PPSA member looking for Parker 275/285

Please contact
Les Norris


Looking for Parker 285 or good Parker 235

I used to own a Parker 285 for several years but sold it a few years ago. 
I am now wanting to buy another Parker 285 - or would maybe consider a good Parker 235
If anyone was considering selling I would be very interested. Cash waiting!

Andy Dingle
Mob: 07894 669680