What's new on this website

12 Feb:

Parker 21 Saffie for sale

15 Jan:

P275 Sunbird for sale

15 Dec:

Kemps No3 Genoa for sale

02 Dec:

Provisional events programme for 2021 added

30 Oct:

General website updates as we've changed host to eUKHost.com.  Over 200 Newsletters moved from Forum to Members Area (PSSA Members only)


26 Oct:

P235's Ossie and Chiara and SS26 Ceres sold, P235 Shiraz 2 price reduced

15 Oct:

P21 Dream for sale, mainsail and keel hoist winch for SS26 for sale, P275 Dawnchild sold

03 Oct:

P285 HS Dawnchild for sale, P31 Furler for sale, P21 Dignity withdrawn from sale

29 Sep:

Kotick price reduced, Rosie sold

17 Sep:

P21 Kitty sold, P235 Molly withdrawn from sale

08 Sep:

P21 Rosie and P235's Ossie and Blue Sky for sale, P27 Kotick price reduced, P275 Liberty sold

21 Aug:

P21 Kitty for sale, P235 Tarka sold

08 Aug:

P275 Liberty for sale, P325/335 genoa for sale

04 Aug:

P27 Kotick and P31 Ngoma for sale, SS26 Gioga  and P235 trailer sold

24 Jul:

Limmershin and Calypso II sold

09 Jul:

SS26 Gioga for sale

02 Jul:

P235 Tarka for sale

27 Jun:

S22 Calypso II for sale, SS26 outboard well plug for sale

08 Jun:

P335 Lazy Days for sale, P21 Cygnus sold, SS26 Evangeline withdrawn from sale

28 May:

Emoyeni sold, Wanted ads restored (they'd disappeared!)

21 Apr:

Parker 27 brochure added - thanks to Mark Weeks

24 Mar:

Alchemist sold, SS26 mainsails for sale

14 Mar:

P21 C-Wind sold, P21 Dignity price reduced, trailer wanted