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#1 Posted : 03 June 2019 21:50:21(UTC)
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Hello all.

I am the new owner of "Brenta", Seal 22 previous owned by Mike, who owned her for a relatively short amount of time. She may undergo a name change, my little one said it sounds too much like "Brenda" and that didn't suit her!

I understand that prior to his ownership she came from the Grimsby area? I think she's a 1973 Mk2?

If anyone knows anything of her previous history, I'd love to hear it.

I am just in the process of prepping her for going in the water. She'll be being moored at Loe Beach on the Carrick Roads (Falmouth). The woodwork is being recoated and I'm just doing the wonderful task of anti-fouling. Other than that, she's in relatively clean condition.

I'll be adding in some extra electrics in the future, solar, stereo and some tea making facilities to give her a bit more 'overnight' capabilities, as well as fixing the windex and putting on some nav lights.

The fo'castle area seems to have some moulded in set up that precludes any berths being placed in that area, so I'm going to have to have a think about how best to use this area. I'll be going for a chemical loo, rather than a plumbed in sea toilet (drilling holes in the bottom gives me the jitters).

The berths extend both into the fo'castle and under the rear cockpit.

Seeing how others have used this space would be superb.

Really looking forward to getting to grips with her. She's a completely different beast to my old Alacrity, which even though it was only 3 feet shorter, was tiny in comparison and had practically no room below deck.

I shall no doubt be picking your brains for as much information as I can!

Cheers now


peter lowry  
#2 Posted : 04 June 2019 16:05:06(UTC)
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Hi Rob

Welcome to the best Association on the planet and congratulations for buys a superb little boat !

If indeed your Seal 22 is 1973 then it is a mk 2,this models forecabin was more of a sail locker , the mk 3 had bunks allowing the Seal 22 to sleep 6 adults albeit very cosy !!!

Pls have a look in the aft locker at the rudder mounting reinforced area and the hull number should be drilled into it.

I have all the archives from the early days and with hull number i can track its history as long as owners were in the association

I hope your season will be a great one, The Seal 22 is a great boat and sails just like a dinghy

My Dad had a mk Seal 22 # 7 in Ireland bach in 1972 and i bought a Mk 3 in 1995 when my kids were small

Pls keep in touch and as soon as our membership secrtary recieved your membership, i will send you a handbook along with a newsletter wher you can find many Seal 22 owners

All the best for now

Peter Lowry


Sophia Parker 275 #53

07528425377 should you want to chat more

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#3 Posted : 05 June 2019 13:12:16(UTC)
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Hi Rob / Peter

Sounds like I am in the same boat (pun intended!!)

Just purchased Lucille, Seal #33 and same decimal baby as me (1971!)

I know a bit about the class from previous work as a Yacht Surveyor and still working as a Naval Architect but new to Seal. Moving up from an old Mirador 19 and partly down from a loaned Vertue so she sits nicely in between the two and so far have been really impressed with sailing on initial couple of test sails on the Exe.

I am really keen to get involved with the Forum and noting there is a lot of history / tweaking by owners etc.. including one of the original booklets I inherited with Lucille from early 1980's!?!

Lucille is also near home as I am based at Topsham on the upper Exe estuary so regularly sailing past the original builders near Powderham Castle!

Peter, noting you are recently active in the forum, would be great if you know other Exe based owners. there are about 5 in Topsham for starters! and getting to know a few through the sailing club!

Main initial post / request was for any secondhand sails, have the original main which is very tired, and new quotes around £500-600! so was hoping to pick up someones recently replaced sets of sails which I am happy to pay going rate for! but will be a bit fresher than the decimal vintage!!

Look forward to meeting up at somepoint!

Cheers Andy.

#4 Posted : 05 June 2019 18:25:27(UTC)
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Hi Peter.

I've just had a nose in the aft locker and I think (although can't quite make it out totally) that the hull number is 80/73 (it's either 80 or a badly scribed 30, although considering Andy has No.33 and that's a 71, I would err on it being 80), definitely 73 after the /.

peter lowry  
#5 Posted : 06 June 2019 16:56:55(UTC)
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Location: Hedge End, Hampshire

Hi Rob

looking thought the very old ruled folder with every seal 22 sold !

unfortunately there is very little info of your seal

I believe the 80 refers to the hull number and the 73 being the build year , however there are so many 22s out there that the sail and hull number dont marry up.

ie my seal 22 was a mk 3 with hull number 176 but the sails were 271 !

If you have a number on the main sail or any other info this may help dig up more info

#80 only ref i have is sold to "Schaffler Marine "

Sorry not to be more helpful. however if you find anything let me know Please !


Lucille has lots of history, originally sold to Dunbartonshire, then on to Stranraer and in 1997 to a 2 different owners in Drummore near Stranraer.

Where did you buy her form as i have no record of her after 2004, if people dont join our association we will loose the whereabouts and all this valuable info.

When our membership sec lets me know we have recieced your membership fee i will send you a handbook and latest newsletter which will give you lots of local seal 22 members to contact

For now i hope hope you both enjoy getting to know this ab fab boat

Happy Sealing


Gilliane Sills  
#6 Posted : 06 June 2019 22:40:43(UTC)
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I'm the PSSA Membership secretary and Peter's mentioned that if you join PSSA, you'll get the Members' Handbook and Newsletter, with two more Newsletters to follow later in the year. If you'd like to join, information about doing this is at http://www.parkerseal.org.uk/about/newmember.aspx

Best wishes


Delphine, Parker 275, no. 41
peter lowry  
#7 Posted : 08 June 2019 08:31:44(UTC)
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Location: Hedge End, Hampshire

Quick Update

Looking back through the very old handwritten entries it would appear that

about 15 Seal 22;s were either sold to or sold by "Schaffler marine" which seems to be German based !!

Any one out there got any idea's


Remember lots of hull and sail numbers dont match up.

From memory so many were built in a relatively short space of time, there was not a lot of importance on marrying up the numbers.

As mentioned in my earlier post regarding my 22.



#8 Posted : 09 June 2019 05:24:15(UTC)
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Rob - If you go to the photo gallery page and select "Seal 22", there's a photo of Brenta sailing on the Humber, when she was owned by a Karl Zwart.

Looking through my old emails I found this from Mar 2010:

not a member of parker seal association being a bit isolated here on the humber, but thought i would send this pic of "brenta" leaving grimsby royal dock basin

I've sent Karl an email!

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peter lowry  
#9 Posted : 09 June 2019 21:33:40(UTC)
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Brill Geoff


looking at that photo

she is number 147

i will look up the files and get back to you


#10 Posted : 10 June 2019 06:45:50(UTC)
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Karl's replied with this photo taken on her mooring at grimsby and cleethorpes yacht club


#11 Posted : 10 June 2019 11:00:12(UTC)
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Thanks Geoff, that's superb!

That's her alright. Looking a bit cleaner than when I picked her up.

Seems like the Grimsby connection marries up.

I've nearly done the outsides, anti-fouling is done, just revarnishing all the woodwork and about to put in a new zip for the spray hood. I'm still contemplating on whether to make a new spray hood or not as it had been left to go a little mouldy and even with a mild bleach and a jet wash it hasn't all quite come out. Still serviceable for now. Might be a job for over winter.

Fortunately having a raft of industrial sewing machines should make the task a bit easier. I could also put a window in it!

Next big task will be sorting out the birds nest of wiring and getting everything fully functioning again.

Noticed a couple of leaks under some of the stanchions, so will investigate those.

I did find a little number etched into the moulding just above the access way to the fore cabin. It was 81/2.

Which may fit with them just throwing hulls together. Part 2 for hull 81 put in hull 80 perhaps?


peter lowry  
#12 Posted : 10 June 2019 15:49:47(UTC)
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Location: Hedge End, Hampshire

Hi Rob

I have been looking throught the paperwork i have

She was Sold as number 147 as is on the sail !! and called "Brenta from day 1.

Her original owner a Mr Jessop with a London address unfortunately does not say where he sail her from.

Up until 1994 she had 6 owners and yes sold to a Mr Forth in Grimsby in 1994, previous owner to him was Lincoln and Berks before that,

it looks like she has not been an association member since then -- be great to see her back in the fleet !

Photos of her look great and she appears to be well looked after.

Enjoy her and perhaps see you at some point in the future

Best wishes


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