Hiya, the engine bracket on my parker 21 is coming loose/ has a crack- any suggestions on how to fix this? Or can you buy a new bracket in once piece? Thank you
Geoff Harwood
The engine mount on my P21/30 Cygnus was made of plywood about 30mm thick. It was beginning to delaminate so I made a copy out of 27mm cast Acrylic. Bolting it back was a bit of a challenge - you really need a very small person with very long arms to get a spanner on the nuts. The port one isn't too bad, you can reach it through the cockpit locker but your arms need to be a foot or so longer to reach the starboard ones. Actually I have a lot of 28mm Acrylic left over from other projects so if you want to do the same I could supply!
Interesting topic on engine mounting for the outboard on the Parker 21!

I replaced the original with a similar piece of marine ply and fitting was a bit of a struggle!
I use a Yamaha 6, previously a Johnson 5 although my Yamaha Malta was once put into service!

Recent discussion locally on two Parker owners has been on reinforcing the mount so that it does not flex, by adding brackets of stainless steel to the floor of the cockpit.
Not certain that I want to ‘improve’ on the original setup but any thoughts would be welcome.
Jim Crick
I replaced my bracket with plywood, but I placed two wedge shaped pieces between the outboard pad and the face of the well. This has altered the angle of dangle of the outboard which, even at its lowest tilt setting, was sending a bit of a rooster tail out behind the boat. I like to think that more of the energy is now converted into propulsion, and less into a display fountain.

A previous owner had fabricated a very well engineered stainless steel cap to the o/b pad, which I have retained, although it chips paint off the drive leg!

I backed up the fibreglass behind the bracket bolts, but access is certainly not easy. I can get into the "cave" in the stbd quarter, but getting out again is increasingly challenging.