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There are two membership categories of the Parker & Seal Sailing Association (PSSA). Single Membership is for an individual, who has one member's vote, while Joint Membership allows two people living at the same address to join, each with a vote. The annual cost for Single Membership is £12 (or €15) and for Joint Membership £15 (or €20).

To join the PSSA or renew membership, please see here.
Current members: to update your details, please contact the Membership Secretary be email or by post to the address in the Members' Handbook

The PSSA's Constitution is here.


The Parker & Seal Sailing Association is able to trace its origins back to the early 1970's when the energetic owners of Seal 22's (the first yachts to use the Seal emblem) formed a class association. Over the years other Seals were produced, and in 1986 the Association was extended to include Parker lift-keel yachts, the successors to the Seal yachts. These are the yachts are now included:

Membership 2020Seal 22: 30 members Sinbad: 4 members Seal 28: 13 members Seal 850: 4 members Super Seal 26: 48 members Parker 21: 27 members Parker 235: 38 members Parker 27: 21 members Parker 275/285: 34 members Parker 31: 13 members Parker 325/335: 22 members No craft: 41 members Other craft: 16 members

The Association's objective is a simple one - to promote full satisfaction, interest and enjoyment in the ownership and sailing of these exciting yachts. Our membership is now about 350 and is open to all present and past Parker and Seal owners, their families and regular crews.

Members' interests are co-ordinated and administered by an elected National Committee, with an Area Officer from each active sailing area co-opted onto the Committee. The current committee members are listed here.

A Members' Handbook is published annually each April. It contains a register of members, their yachts and mooring area, a diary of events for the year and a list of officers, together with other Association information.

A Newsletter is published three or four times a year. It contains news from the Association as well as contributions received from members covering their sailing experiences, hints and tips for improving yachts, in addition to details of the regular rallies, cruises in company and other popular events, both ashore and afloat.

As a group, we are able to negotiate a comprehensive yacht insurance scheme covering all our classes with Haven Knox-Johnston, through which we offer protection for our members at very competitive premiums, as nearly half our membership has found. Members have also commented on the quick and fair settlement of claims.

Over the years the Association has, thanks not only to the class builders, Parker Lift Keel Yachts and previously John Baker, but also to the owners, amassed a considerable technical library. This has enabled the Association to produce not only technical handbooks for the older classes but also to provide general assistance to new Parker & Seal owners as required.

In 2007, due to the increase in members owning Parker yachts, the name of the Association was changed to the Parker & Seal Sailing Association.