Standard Sailing Instructions 2018

(Note: these are currently under review for 2020)

  1. RULES
    1. No member of the PSSA is authorised to provide on behalf of the PSSA any statement as to the suitability of the yacht or its crew to take part in any race. Responsibility for safety remains with the yacht’s owner or skipper.
    2. Races shall be governed by the RYA Racing Rules of sailing 2017 - 2020 except as modified by these Sailing Instructions, the Notice of Race or its Addenda.
    3. A yacht will be deemed to be taking part in the race provided its entry has been accepted and it has crossed the starting line within the allowable starting time.
    4. Night racing will not take place envisaged unless stated in the Notice of Race.
    5. Rule 42.1 of the Racing Rules of Sailing is hereby amended to permit the use of automatic steering devices.
    6. No declaration form will be required to be signed after the race.
    7. Scoring will be based on the Racing Rules of Sailing Appendix A – Scoring Section A3. Scoring is based on elapsed time corrected according to the PY number for the yacht. The PSSA PY numbers shall be used.
    1. Notices to competitors will available from the Committee Boat before the race. The Committee Boat will display a Blue flag.
    2. The Committee Boat will display the International Code flag L by way of indication of a change in either the Sailing Instructions or the Notice of Race. It shall be the responsibility of the skipper to obtain new instructions.
    3. The Race Committee shall determine whether a race will be run or not, and which course (where there is a choice of courses) to use.
    4. Where more than one course is indicated in the Notice of Race, the Committee Boat shall display information on the course to be sailed.
    5. The Sailing Area will be shown on an addendum to the Notice of Race.
    1. The starting procedure shall be as Rule 26 in the Racing Rules of Sailing as follows:
      Warning: 1 sound five minutes before start, class flag raised.
      Preparatory: 1 sound four minutes before start, preparatory flag raised.
      One-minute: 1 long sound one minute before the start, preparatory flag removed.
      Starting: 1 sound, class flag removed.
    2. The starting line will be the mast of the Committee Boat and a buoy stated in the Notice of Race.
    3. A yacht shall not start later than 30 minutes after the starting time.
    1. The finishing line shall be the mast of the Committee Boat and a buoy identified in the Notice of Race.
    2. A retiring yacht shall communicate its withdrawal from the race to the Committee Boat as soon as possible preferably by radio.
    3. Flags:
       International code flag L indicates a change in sailing instructions
       International code flag X with 1 sound signal indicates an individual recall when any part of a boat’s hull, crew or equipment is on the course side of the start line at the starting signal.
       The first substitute flag with 2 sound signals indicates a general recall

PY Numbers

The PY numbers used for PSSA races are as follows:

PY Class Inboard/Outboard Propellor
1150 Seal Sinbad Outboard  
1140 Seal 22 Outboard  
1095 Seal 28 Inboard Fixed 2 blade
1080 Seal 850 Inboard Fixed 2 blade
1063 Parker 21 Outboard  
1030 Parker 235 Outboard  
976 SuperSeal 26,
Parker27, 275, 285
Inboard folding
950 Parker 31 Inboard folding
940 Parker 325, 335 Inboard folding

Allowance for different engine/propeller configurations:


From To
Outboard engine OB 0 +10 +20 +40
Inboard engine with folding propeller IBF -10 0 +10 +30
Inboard engine with fixed 2-blade propeller IB2 -20 -10 0 +20
Inboard engine with fixed 3-blade propeller IB3 -40 -30 -20 0


The following adjustments are applied to boats not conforming to the standard specifications:

  1. A boat with no spinnaker, cruising chute or gennaker +40
  2. A boat with cruising chute or gennaker but no spinnaker +20
  3. Allowance for using a keel fixed by design +10

PSSA Round the Island Race results

Year Winner Sailing
2010 Geoff Turner P21 Dawn
2009 Geoff Turner P21 Dawn
2008 Nigel Walbank P21 Breeze
2007 cancelled due to inclement weather
2006 Martin Hoption P335 Shemar
2005 Walter Brown S26 Ard Righ
2004 Nigel Walbank P31 Ocean Wings
2003 race abandoned
2002 John Coyle P27 Harlequin
2001 R Bond S22 Fraid Knot
2000 race abandoned
1999 race abandoned
1998 Philip Linsell S22 Tulena

Before 1998 the winners were: John West (S22), Ted Randell (S22) twice, John Mahany (S22), James Yarrow (S22) 3 times, Geoff Harwood (Sinbad), Harry Wyatt (SS26), Colin Savage (S22), Martin Hopton (S22), Peter Forster (S22), John Coyle (P31), Paul Clements (S850) twice, Philip Linsell (S22) twice, Roger Bond (S22).