Report 1 

Submitted:   Jonathan Cunnison
  Alchemist (Parker 275)
  March 2002

We visited Bembridge during the Easter weekend. The planned dredging inside the harbour has not yet been started, and is now planned for May 2002. The new jetty on the west side of the harbour has not yet been completed, though this is imminent. When completed, this will connect the longer mid harbour pontoon to the western shore south of Attrills. Apparently the Harbour Improvement Company have not been granted planning permission for loos and showers on this side of the harbour, but plan to use portacabins.

More news as the season progresses - and no doubt we will all see at the May rally!

Report 2

Submitted:   Bill Peach
  Kalandia & Tilikum (Parker 325)
  July 2017

On this visit to Bembridge both Tilikum and Kalandia decided to dry out on the beach area near Bembridge Sailing club house on the eastern side of the entrance as you enter the harbour

We have subsequently learnt that it is good to get as close to the Bembridge sailing club as possible, not only as it is a shorter staggering distance to the Sailing Club, but more importantly the slope on the beach is much less there. Unfortunately we were further north on the beach where the slope is more pronounced, which meant that we were not quite sleeping standing up, but pretty close to it!!

The hospitality at the Sailing club was very good, with good food and impromtu entertainment in the bar