Bosham Channel

Report 1 - Rascal Ditchin’ Again

Submitted:   Philip Linsell
  Rascal (Super Seal 26)
  August 2005

For some time I have been meaning to head upstream from my mooring in the Bosham channel, Chichester harbour, instead of the usual setting off towards the entrance and beyond.

I recently found the time and tide to explore the head of the channel, up to the A259. That’s the Chichester to Emsworth road.

It’s best to arrive at the head of the creek an hour before high water, before the row of stakes disappear. There is room for several seals and time for a pint at the "Out and Out" up the road before the water goes away.

I coasted up under jib with a light southerly, which also dictated leaving under power.



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