Faversham Creek

Report 1 

Submitted:   Bill Peach
  Kalandia (Parker 325)
  August 2018


Approaching from the river Swale enter Faversham Creek at the Faversham Creek cardinal buoy. Remember if coming from the west through the river Swale the lateral buoyage changes direction in the middle!

Making your way up Faversham Creek is very straight forward, bearing to port in the entrance at the fork with Oare Creek to Faversham Creek. The low lying land makes it easy to see on-coming vessels, which is useful if they are Thames barges, as the amount of room to pass can be restricted.

On a rising high tide the creek is easy to follow with the occasional lateral mark to help you along.

We went to the public quay at the head of the navigable river situated on the east bank of the creek. There is room for two, possibly three boats alongside and rafting would also be possible but maybe with a slight outward list. If there is no room the options are then quickly reduced as most of the moorings on the creek are private and some of the jetties appear to be pretty unsafe.

Mooring fees are paid at the council offices, although we paid over the phone by card next day as it was outside hours.

There was a fishing boat festival the day we arrived which made it more fun, fortunately there was room for us to stay alongside

The bottom is mud and dries with a slight angle, so a boarding ladder would be very helpful, we managed to borrow a ladder from one of the local residents