Fishbourne Bridge

Report 1 - Extreme Ditching!

Submitted:   Philip Linsell
  Rascal (Super Seal 26)
  September 2002
  Extract from the 2002/01 SSA Newsletter

This is a high water springs trip only.

Follow the moorings upstream of Dell Quay, through the old causeway (this will be underwater so difficult to find) and look for an entrance in the reeds. Turn round and back into the channel as there is no turning round once in the reeds. When the bridge is in sight, anchor and pay out to get as close to the bridge as you dare.

Get out, take pictures and leave before the water disappears!

Update 1 -

Submitted:   Philip Linsell
  Rascal (Super Seal 26)
  March 2021

Details still valid, only really room for a single boat overnight. 

Make your approach on a rising high water