Kings Quay Creek

Report 1 

Submitted:   Philip Linsell
  Rascal (Super Seal 26)
  September 2006

Between Wootton Creek and Osborne Bay lies Kings Quay Creek. This really must be the last ditch in the Solent area, not yet visited by us Seals.

I decided it was the right time, 1½ hours before a good high spring tide.

The entrance is small, no sign in the foreshore other than a gap in the shingle beach, it was also shallow, a bit more than a metre. Once inside the water deepens to 2m or so. The narrow channel twists right and left, with a strong current flowing in.

I was enjoying the ride until the second bend, only a few hundred metres, when the end of navigation appears, a stone wall with a small hole letting the water through.

A tricky turn round and lots of engine got me pointing back out.

I would definately go there again, it was very sheltered and quiet inside the creek.

It would be a ‘nice spot’ for lunch on spring tides, maybe an overnight on neaps, if there is enough water to get in.

Signs inform you that this is a SSSI and private land, so no landing.

Note: The creek can be seen very clearly from the air using 'Google Earth'

Update 1 

Submitted:   Geoff Turner
  Dawn (Parker 21)
  August 2009

I went in just before high water on a 4.8m spring tide. What a lovely spot! and just an hour from the Hamble. I agree with Philip - it would be a possible overnight spot; I think there would be enough water on (say) an 8 o'clock 3.9m high water.  The shallowest I found was 1.9m, and there was 2.2m where I anchored.

Update 2 

Submitted:   Geoff Turner
  Dawn (Parker 21)
  August 2009

There's been some input from the landowner about landing there on the YBW Scuttlebut forum here.