Sark, Channel Islands

Report 1 

Submitted:   Jonathan Cunnison
  Alchemist (Parker 275)
  July 2001

We spent one night in Sark - with the prevailing North Easterlies we headed for Havre Gosselin on the east coast. We found that the anchorage had been fully occupied by about fifteen substantial visitors moorings, of which less than half were occupied. By some sixth sense, the mooring owner appeared within fifteen minutes of our having moored and sought £12 for an overnight stay! We learned that he has also laid moorings at Greve de la Ville on the west coast.

With the added reassurance of sitting on such a substantial mooring we embarked on a long voyage of exploration ashore, with even the youngest members of the crew managing both the steps and to get all the way to Creux Harbour and back (requiring only a few ice cream bribes en route!)

On sailing for Alderney the next morning, we were able to use the Gouliot Passage, where you feel that you can touch the vertical rock faces on each side!