Report 1 - Sharpham Quay

Submitted:   Bill Peach and Jonathan Houston
  Kalandia (Parker 325) and Tilikum (Parker 325)
  July 2021

This tiny quay on the banks of Sharpham estate does enable you to stop alongside in a very secluded spot to gain access to the estate and particularly the farm shop where there are plenty of wines from their vineyards and locally produced cheeses.

We did try on several occasions phone the estate farm shop to get permission to land as well as email them, but we did not get any responses.

There are very few mooring points on the quay, which is only 10m long to tie up to, so it will need to be in fairly calm conditions unless you have mooring pins

At low tide there is a bit of a dip at the downstream end of the quay so the boat does not sit too well on the bottom which is fairly solid

Plan B of course is to anchor off and come ashore by dinghy, it seems the best place is towards the estate boat house

There is also a quay on the north side of the estate, we investigated this first, but to bottom out would not be advisable as there is a concrete slipway running down the side which is at quite a downward angle