Snape Maltings

Report 1 

Submitted:   Bill Peach
  Kalandia (Parker 325)
  August 2018


The Maltings are famous for the prom concerts held in the concert hall, and is the inspirational home of Benjamin Britten

The passage up the river Alde to Snape is quite long and meandering, and navigation can be a bit ‘hit and miss’ with only occasional withies marking the channel. Also, the problem with the withies is identifying whether they are port or starboard, I got the impression the straight ones were port and the feathery ones were starboard, but where they had been hit or knocked over it was sometimes hard to tell.

It would be unrealistic to expect to reach Snape without touching bottom at least a couple of times. There are a couple of points at ‘troublesome reach’ and Iken that are favourites for going aground

At Snape itself the quay is on the south bank of the river and usually has a traditional barge at least tied alongside. Other than that there is a good chance an alongside berth can be found, although I would be cautious about rafting out as the bank of the channel drops away and you may spend a night with a distinct list