Report 1 

Submitted:   Tim Reader
  Speedwell (Parker 275)
  October 2007

 We went into Ventnor this summer as we abandoned our trip to Cornwall due to the high winds and instead visited nearly all harbours on the Isle of Wight. 

We approached Ventnor in a lumpy south westerly but as soon as we were in it was OK. The harbour master was friendly and takes your ropes in a RIB and you are towed in backwards between the fishing boats on a fore and aft mooring. You can see it is pretty tight.

However it is worth it - you are right in the middle of Ventnor and the bottom is flat sand for sitting on.

We went out about 3.5 hours after low water with everything up.

It is worth going to but small. We were the 7th yacht in this summer at the beginning of August!

It is not to be visited with any suggestion of a strong south easterly.