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Jubilee Mini Cruise
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Start Date/Time:
30 May 2022
End Date/Time:
04 June 2022
Peter Lowry


A very loose itinerary is planned as follows.

Crew "Sophia" will be on yacht "Altair" as i have broken my foot and will be dipping in and out where appropiate.

Mon 30th to Fri 3rd June 2022

Monday 30th May,--- Midday HW. Anchor at Newtown Creek dinghy ashore and late afternoon/evening bbq on the spit near the entrance.
Dinghies will be needed.

Tues 31st May, ---Cruise in company to Christchurch, dinner planned for the sailing club. PLS CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AS WE MAY NOT HAVE ANYMORE BERTHS.
Evening meal at the club set menu lasagne and salad with pud.(veg lasagne option too) (12 for dinner)

Wed 1st June-- Studland beach or just inside Poole Harbour.

Thurs 2nd --- Newport IOW. Evening nothing arranged yet,pub or bbq dependant on numbers.

Fri 3rd --- Home.

We are a little restricted with Christchurch however the more the merrier for the rest.

Signed up so far.

4xAltair joining by train from Lymington
2xVol au Vent. Joining at Christchurch-Not for dinner
2xCan Y Mor. Joining at Christchurch
2xTara  (Christchurch & Studland only)
2xNauti ( newtown creek only)

I am currently waiting to see what the max numbers for Christchurch are so please contact me directly from today 19th May if you wish to join the Christchurch bit, the rest is no problem.

Peter Lowry.


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