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Arne in Poole Harbour
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11 June 2022
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11 June 2022
Denis Brophy
Poole & Christchurch

Hi All,

Having met several new Parker Seal members this year we decided to go for an easy location with plenty of water all evening for the Parker Seal Rally in Poole Harbour.

Arne, is ideally situated with good access by water on the Saturday afternoon/evening on the 11th June. I have included a simple chart of how to access Arne as well as, areas to moor.

A couple of us will be pottering around in dinghies during the afternoon, so if you are unsure of where would be favourable to moor we will be on hand to help.


  • Turn up Saturday (best before 12.30 or after 16.00)
  • Meet up on the shore about 18.00 bring own food (no BBQ’s on the shore please), it can be quite muddy by the waters edge.

If you do not have a dinghy to get ashore, don’t be put off the Parker Seal ‘Uber Taxis Service’ is always available

The tides are ideal to stay on your boat overnight or head back to your club later in the evening.

The whole rally is meeting each other, so if you do not fancy going the beach, please come along and we will come over to you for a chat in the dinghies.

Please let us know if you are interested in coming.


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